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6 X 6 Universal Matte Box

4 X 5.65" Hard Shade Matte Box for 16:9


4 X 4" Bellows 

Matte Box

4 X 4" Hard Shade Clamp-on Matte Box

New 3 X 3" Hard Shade Matte Box

French/Side Flaps, Cases & more Accessories

Adapter Rings

Rods Support, Handgrips & Shoulder Pads


  Matte Box Configurations for Common Cameras

  Camera Compatibility Index


  Key Features: 

  • Highly affordable
  • Can be used on both broadcast ENG cameras and mini-DV camcorders
  • Adapter rings allow matte boxes to fit on a variety lens sizes
  • At least 2 filter stages one of which rotates
  • Optional French flaps and side flaps
  • Rods support systems, handgrips, and shoulder pads also available


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