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100, 110 & 114mm Clamp-on Rings with 127mm Filter Thread 

4x5.65 Matte Box Package for DVX200 

Universal Matte Box Packages w/ Swing Away 

Stand for Next-Gen Clapper Slate 

New Swing Away Components

4x5.65" Enhanced Range Solid ND Filters

4x4" Enhanced Range Solid ND Filters

Rods Brackets with Dovetail Adapter 

Camera Boom Arm with Tilt Motor

150 x 150mm Circular Polarizer Filter (fits in Lee SW150 Filter Holder)

Next-gen Clock Slate PLUS with FPS Setting, Stopwatch & Strobe Light

0.7x Wide Angle Adapter for Director's Finder

ASC Manual 10th Edition (Hard Cover)

Colour LED Strips

1.5x Teleconverter

Next-gen Clock Slate with Strobe Light

Next-gen Clapper Slate with Strobe Light 

Dimmer Systems

Waterproof Tungsten / Daylight LED Strips

Next-gen Slate with Clapper Sticks

77 to 85mm Adapter Ring for Canon 24-15 Lens (for use on New 3X3 Matte Box)  

Next-gen Director's Fnder with Full Frame DSLR Format: Large  & Micro

DSLR Packages for 5D Mark III 

Matte Box Packages for DSLR, Black Magic, AF100, FS100/700 & More

Single Rod Holders & Connectors  

Universal Donut Adapter Ring85mm or 100mm

LED Light Strip

Plate with Bracket for 15/60 or 19/104 Rods  

Flag w/ Metal Gooseneck & Super Clamp

Plate with Bracket for 15/60 or 15/100 Rods

Large Pro Dual Wheel Follow Focus

Lens Support with Adjuttable ABS Belt for 15mm or 19mm Rods

Different Depth and Offset Adapter RIngs

Rods Support with Quick Release Button

Density Adjustable Viewing Filter

Mini Dual Wheel Follow Focus for 19mm Rods

Shoulder Pad Systems with Aluminum Rods

Universal Shoulder Pad Package for DSLRi

New 3x3" Hard Shade Matte Box

Universal Mic Holder with Handgrip

Angle Adjustable Handgrip

Viewfinder Mount for RED BOMB EVF

Battery Plate Connector for 19mm Rods

Mini Dual Wheel Follow Focus


New Version DSLR Packages

Lens Support with Trimmer Knob

Lens Support with Metal Fastener

6x6 Matte Box for Panasonic 3DA1

Open Adjustable Accessory Case

Hot Mirror Filters

Offset Single Handgrip w/ Connection Bridge

Battery Mount for Shoulder Pad

Single Handgrip with Adjustable Mini Plate

Top Handle Extra Wide Dual Handgrips

Accessory / Monitor Arm

Economic Boom Poles with Window Opening

LCD Viewfinder Setup for 5D with Beachtek

CR117-100 & CR95-80 Clamp-on Rings

Fuji Medium Size Gear

LCD Viewfinder Set for 5D MII w/ Battery Grip

More new Focus Gear Ring Sizes

Tape Measure

Rods Plate for JVC HM-700 & Panasonic HPX300

Viewfinder Extension for Red One Camera

Follow Focus Speed Crank Lever 

Swing Away Connection Piece for LCD Viewfinder 

Follow Focus Whips

Reversed Version Rods Support w/ Quick Release 

New Focus Gear Ring Sizes

0.8x Wide Angle Adapter for 72mm

0.7x Wide Angle Adapter for 77mm

New Economic & Carbon Fiber Boom Poles

0.5x Wide Angle Adapter for Arri/Zeiss PL lens

Basic Mini Follow Focus

Basic Mini Follow Focus for 19mm Rods

Mini Follow Focus

Dual Wheel Follow Focus for 19mm Rods

LCD Viewfinder System for 3.5" LCD's

125, 107 & 94mm Clear Glass Protection Filters

Case for Micro Director's Viewfinder 

11x Large Rotating Director's Viewfinder

120-110 & 120-114mm Adapter Rings

0.6x Wide Angle Adapter for RED 18-50 Lens

Viewfinder Mount for RED ONE Camera

Reversable Follow-Cam Shoulder Pad System Viewfinder for Sony TG1

11x Micro Director's Finder

0.4x Fish-eye Adpater for Sony PMW-EX1 0.5x Wide Angle Adpater for Sony PMW-EX1 Clock Slate

Cinematographer Cap

Focus Gear Ring for EX1 0.7x Wide Angle Converter for Sony PMW-EX1  0.6x Wide Angle adapter for Sony PMW-EX1

0.7x Wide Angle Adpater for Sony PMW-EX1

New Filter Sizes and Types

Rods Support for Mini-DV with Letus Extreme AR100-77 adapter Ring for Sony PMW-EX1

120-85mm Adapter Ring



Expandable French Flap 16:9 Hard Shade Matte Box for Sony PMW-EX1   Slate with Clapper Sticks

Viewing Filters

6x6 Universal Matte Box Sunshade for 130mm Lens (fits Canon HJ21x7.5B) 2 Element 0.7x Wide Angle Converter for Sony V1


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