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Canon 5D Mark II & Beachtek Adapter shown with Cavision LCD Viewfinder (MHE52), 3.0" Rubber Adapter (MHE52-R3),  swing away connection piece (MHE52C-SA-R) with bracket & t-part (RST2560 + R156025), rods bracket plate (R15P80), carbon fiber rods (CT1518-25), 16:9 Hard Shade Matte Box (MB4169H-2M) with bracket & t-part (RST2550 + R156025),  top french flap (MBF-5P),  adapter ring (ARR1385),  Dual Handgrips (RHD1560), Shoulder Pad (RS15SP-2) and Basic Mini Follow Focus (RFD15B)



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