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        TOP HANDLE for 15mm RODS

  RHTS20-15-R  /  RHTS20-15-L     NOW AVAILABLE!


    Key Features:

  • Fits standard 15mm (60mm spaced) rods

  • Optional Cavision universal mic holder (SSHU1925) or external light can be attached simultaneously 

  • Top bridge features cold shoe as well as two 3/8", two 1/4", one M6, one M5 and two M4 mounting threads

  • Tilt function on both the handle and rods connector allows for customized positioning

  • Ideal for use on DSLR cameras as they do not have a built in handle

  • Version with extra long connection rod ideal for use with low or high angle specialty shots

  • R version has vertical rod on camera right, L version on left


















With Mic Holder (SSHU1925)   




Top Handle with optional Mic Holder (SSHU1925) shown with numerous other Cavision accessories for Canon 5D MI  / DSRL

Use of top handle with extra long connection rod for specialty (high and low angle) shots shown above                  



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