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   Warranty and Repair Service   


Cavision Enterprises Ltd. Limited Warranty 

    Cavision Enterprises Ltd. provides a three months (from date of purchase) limited warranty when the product is used for commercial, rental, business or industrial purposes, and a six months (from date of purchase) limited warranty when the product is employed only for personal use. 

Subject to the terms and conditions specified hereunder, Cavision Enterprises Ltd. agrees to correct by repair any defect in material or workmanship, which is brought to the attention of Cavision within the specified time period of the warranty. 

Cavision Enterprises Ltd. holds no liability for any product returned if Cavision Enterprises Ltd. determines that the damage was caused by anything other than the normal and proper use, handling, and storage of the equipment. 

Cavision Enterprises Ltd. holds the right to select the remedy by which to bring the product back to a functioning state.

Cavision Enterprises Ltd. holds no liability for general, consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from a defective product.  Cavision Enterprises Ltd.s entire liability for any defective product shall in no event exceed the purchase price for the defective product. 

No limited warranty is provided by Cavision Enterprises Ltd. unless the product was purchased directly from Cavision Enterprises Ltd. or directly from an authorized dealer.

Cavision Enterprises Ltd. shall be released from all obligations under its warranty in the event repairs or modifications are made by personnel other than its own or authorized (in writing) service personnel.


To be eligible for warranty the customer must posses the original invoice.  The customer is responsible for all shipping charges related to warranty or repair service.


Repair Service:


Cavision offers a limited repair service for items which do not fall under warranty.  Rates for parts and labor are dependant on specific circumstances; contact Cavision for more information.


Procedures for Returning Items for Warranty Repair Service:


   If you purchased your items from an authorized retailer, please contact the retailer first and then notify Cavision of the problem.


  1. Contact Cavision to obtain an RMA number.  No packages will be accepted without an RMA number.  Please indicate the RMA# in the shipping / customs paperwork as well as on the side of package. 

  1. If shipping with courier, express (air) is fine, but please only ship via ground (standard) service if it includes free automatic customs clearance (and ensure that the declared value is below $200). Please do not ship with a freight or other service that does not provide free automatic customs clearance. If manual customs clearance or a brokerage fee is required, we will not accept the package. If shipping with postal (mail) service ensure that the service level  provides a tracking number. 

  2. All packages must state CANADIAN GOODS RETURNING on the airway bill and customs declaration form or commercial invoice, indicate NO commercial / customs value, and use the following harmonized code: 9813.00.00.97 ("Canadian Goods Returning").

  3. Ensure that items are packaged securely and include a copy of the original invoice in in the box. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  4. A tracking number for the shipment of a returned item or an exchange must be provided to Cavision within three business days of obtaining an RMA number.


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