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  • Number of lens elements: 1
  • Lens Magnification: 6x
  • Lens material: glass
  • Lens O.D. : 52mm
  • Eye-cup material: rubber
  • Eye-cup O.D : 63mm
  • Inside Front Dimensions: 72mm(w) x 48mm(h)
  • Outside Dimensions: 78mm(w) x 54mm(h) x 104mm(L)
  • Weight: 75g
  • Adapter for use on: 3.5" LCD's = MHE52-R ; 3.0" LCD's = MHE52-R3 

MHE52 shown on Sony HDR-TG1 HD Camcorder





  • Warning: the lens on the viewfinder, like all optical elements, by its nature magnifies light and thus will also magnify the sun's rays; therefore, leaving the viewfinder on the camera in direct sunlight may cause damage to the LCD.  Cavision will not be held liable for damage caused by improper use of its products.

   Key Features:

  • Fits perfectly on Sony TG1 but can also be used on 3.5" LCD's with MHE52-R adapter and on 3.0" LCD's with MHE52-R3 adapter
  • Mini-dv plate connector (MHE52-C2) & swing away connector now available
  • Virtually transforms the  LCD screen into a viewfinder
  • Create professional quality HD video with your inexpensive, compact,  lightweight video or DSLR camera
  • Viewfinder eye-piece as large as those on broadcast cameras like the F900
  • Ideal for daylight situations when the LCD is difficult to view
  • Greatly enhances the ability to focus the image by eye
  • Allows for more accurate composition of the scene
  • Can also be used on other  3" or under LCD's with use of fastening strap
  • Eyepiece lens cap available soon!



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